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    2022 Season

    Dear Parents/Guardians & Athletes,

    Hello and thank you for showing interest in the Michigan City Middle School Cross Country team. We are excited to kick off the 2022 Cross Country season the week of June 1st. We will have practices every Thursday evening from 7pm until 8pm at Krueger Middle school from June 2nd through August 4th. The week of August 8th we will begin our normal season schedule. We will share that with you as soon as we get more information from the administration.

    Starting with practice on June 2nd, it is vital that every athlete on the team has an up to date physical evaluation form filled out. If an athlete does not have a physical then he/she will not be able to practice until this documentation is completed and submitted to either of the Cross Country coaches. Quite literally if an athlete shows up and there is no physical on hand by either coach then that athlete will not participate until this has been resolved. Physical forms can be printed straight from the link on this website. Most doctors offices also have physical forms. Physicals can be obtained for your pediatrician, HealthLinc, and Working Well. 

    At the middle school level, cross country does not expect students to be able to run any distance at the start of the season. Middle School Cross Country is about learning how to run long distances. It is about learning mind over matter, discipline, understanding perseverance, and pushing yourself to have new experiences and accomplish goals you didn't think possible. Through this, we will teach students how to distance run. Cross Country is also excellent off season endurance training for athletes in other sports.

    Running can be a very demanding activity that can provide many benefits when done correctly. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that the athlete is well hydrated, making mostly healthy food selections, and getting adequate rest. Water, appropriate attire, good shoes, and a good attitude should be brought to every practice. As we sometimes run through fields or forests, bug spray and sunscreen are also recommended. Students will not be allowed into the building to go to the bathroom or get water so please make sure these needs are taken care of ahead of time.

    Once August hits, please consult the practice schedules for all dates and times. Also, please check the cross country website for more information or canceled practices.

    Parents must arrange for a ride to drop off their athlete at Krueger at the beginning and end of all practices.  Actions may be taken if rides are more than 15 minutes late. Once the season starts, Buses will be available to take athletes from Krueger to all away meet locations and back to Krueger and parents will only need to provide rides home from Krueger after meets. 

    We look forward to seeing you at practice! If there are ever any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Coach Bohac or Coach Triemstra.

    Sincerely, Coach Bohac & Coach Triemstra

    Coach Bohac: sbohac@mcas.k12.in.us 
    Coach Krueger: ckrueger@mcas.k12.in.us

Last Modified on June 8, 2023