Coolspring Network News

    During the early 1990s, the daily announcements were given over the intercom at Coolspring School. Soon, some brainstorming took place and the staff decided it was time for a video presentation of our announcements. Money was donated from our student council, along with some grants, and in 1996, CNN began broadcasting to the entire school via closed circuit television. It started in the corner of the library with a student desk, one camera, and two reporters. Eventually it branched out with it's own custom-made desk, a teleprompter, and four cameras. The daily 15 minute program has news, sports, weather, and birthday announcements for all of the Wildcats of Coolspring. Additional features may come from classroom video presentations and social / sporting events. The crew consists of Mr. R. Pearson who is the supervisor, a fifth grade assistant, and up to 40 participants in reporting the news. Another feature of CNN is that it enables the entire school at one time to see a special video presentation during special events and holidays. Major guests of the past include Miss Laporte County, Mayors, and MCHS athletes. CNN has become a staple of Coolspring School throughout the years and maybe someday will produce a broadcaster for the real CNN station!