• Graphics & Printing

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    1. Access standard forms, logos, etc. from the menu at left - you can print materials at your location or provide to a printer to use.

    2. Contact Betsy Kohn if you need a revision made to an existing district form - or if you need a new form created. She will make the change and re-load it to the online forms library. (Please, do NOT use white out to revise forms.) State Board of Accounts forms CANNOT be changed.

    3. Contact Betsy Kohn if you need a file that was used previously in order to modify it. (Note: most files are in Adobe InDesign or PageMaker and you will not be able to edit them, however an outside printer will be able to use these files. Betsy can make minor updates and can also get you a pdf of anything needed.)
    Email questions to Betsy Kohn - bkohn@mcas.k12.in.us or call ext. 8365
Last Modified on November 6, 2015