• Welcome to the 7th Grade Team
    Social Studies--Mr. Sigler 
    Language Arts/Math--Ms. Bair
    Science--Miss Eigenmann
    Language Arts-- Ms. Amodei
    Language Arts--Mrs. Hullings 
    Math-- Mrs. Martinski
    Math--Mr. Mcferrin
    Would you like to Volunteer? 
    We would LOVE the help! 
    If you are interested, please e-mail our team leader Mrs. Hullings at:  jhullings@mcas.k12.in.us
  • Mrs. Hullings teaches 7th grade English Language Arts. This is her second year at KMS, and she taught at the high school before coming to Krueger.

    Mrs. Triemstra is the science teacher for Team 7. Science class focuses on Geology for the first Semester and Physics the second semester. She is the team leader for Team 7. If you are have any questions, are having issues, or would like to schedule a meeting, please let Mrs. Triemstra know via email or voicemail.

    Mr. Sigler teaches teaches 7th grade social studies in room 100. In Mr. Sigler's class students learn about the history and geography of the world.
    I am Kathleen Bair, and I have been teaching with the MCAS corporation since 1999.  I have been privileged to teach Math, Social Studies, Reading, and Language Arts to middle-schoolers for most of my teaching career, although Math is my favorite subject of all of them!  I am part of the Student Support Services and one of the Academic Coaches this year at Krueger.  I am, and have always been, a resident of Michigan City, graduating from Rogers High School in 1984.  I have one son (29 yrs. old and lives with his wife in TN), and I have several feral cats that come to my house for free meals and a warm place to sleep from time to time.  I look forward to teaching your children and inspiring them to follow their dreams and goals and to be the best they can be for themselves and for others.
    Mrs. Yankauskas is from Chesterton, but now resides in Michigan City. She has taught the past 5 years and went to Purdue University North Central.
    Mrs. Newton teaches 7th grade Math.  She has taught math from grades 5-12 and is excited to join the staff at Krueger.
    Mr Reiss.  I teach 7th grade Language Arts and I am in my second year at Krueger. I previously taught in Detroit Michigan and worked as a safety educator in Berrien Springs.  
    For E-Learning Days:      classroom.google.com
  • To schedule a meeting with the team, contact the Team Leader:
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2061, ext. 7470