Perhaps you've heard about our group through various fundraising activities or the supplies and programs we financially support at school.  Providing these extras is important to us, but our work goes beyond raising money.
    Our key mission is to promote an environment at school where teachers can do their best work and our students can do their best learning.  We're always eager to find more great people, like you, to help meet this goal. 
    We don't expect a huge time commitment from volunteers.  An hour can be a big help to our group and the school.  We have positions and tasks to fit all schedules and interests.  Just let us know whether a program, event, or activity interests you and when you might be free to help.  You don't have to attend a meeting to be involved. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their school as well as their education have better grades and fewer discipline problems.  Involvement at the school also makes it easier to establish relationships with teachers, other parents, and your child's friends.  We promise that the time you give the group and school will be worth your while and fun!
    Feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions.  Together, we can make a difference at our school! 

    Cheytaya Brown, President   GCRainey422@gmail.com

    Melissa Hardesty, Vice President -- Rose Hardesty, Secretary -- Amanda Fowler, Treasurer