e-Learning Day

e-Learning Day for December 9, 2019

  • Students will have 3 days to complete and turn in their assignment and will count for their attendance on that specific E-Learning day.

    Please email me with questions.   clindgren01@mcas.k12.in.us





    Skills and Resource 7th Period eLearning assignment for 12/09/2019

    I can ... synthesize information from multiple sources to organize data while composing a research paper.

    1. Log into Edmentum and work on all remaining units ... the end of the semester is fast approaching!
    2. Check your dashboard and make sure you are "On-Pace"


    AP Human Geography

    I can ... Connect the concepts and ideas in Balkanization, Devolution and Shatterbelts in Human Geography.

    For your E-Learning assignment for AP Human Geography:

    1. Go to Google Classroom and navigate to December 9, 2019 eLearning assignment.
    2. Watch the video on Balkanization, Devolution and Shatterbelts.
    3. Take the quiz.