E-Learning Day

Extended Learning 5/13/20

  • Make sure to read through all the directions on this page before clicking on the links.

    Click here for Mrs. Ward's Google Classroom: Mrs. Ward's Google Classroom: Remember to put @mcas.k12.in.us after your username when logging onto Google Classroom.

    What if my child has technical problems with district issued Chromebooks or passwords on an eLearning day?

    The Technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2000, ext. 8359. (For questions about homework or class work, please contact the classroom teacher.)

    For questions about homework or classwork, please contact Mrs. Ward by email, nward01@mcas.k12.in.us, or post a message for Mrs. Ward on our Google Classroom Stream.  

    What does Extended Learning looks like?

    Here is the agenda for a week of extended learning after Spring Break.

    • MondayVideo and Exit Ticket
    • Tuesday- Video and Exit Ticket
    • Wednesday- Google Form and Class Meeting

    After finishing work you can go back to old assignments and finish any that haven't been completed.

    ***I'm going to have a group chat from 12:00-12:30 P.M. Please click the link below the morning message.***


    -I can use what I read to ask questions.
    -I can use what I read to answer questions.
    -I can refer to a text to support my answer.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Complete your final exit ticket for your 3rd grade year. Enjoy your summer! 


     Work to be turned in: Charlotte's Web Review 5/13/20 Form. (45 minutes)


    I can... write words with long and short vowel sounds.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.Click on the form and choose the correct spelling for word that goes in the blank


     Work to be turned in: 

    5/13/20 Writing Spelling (45 minutes)



    I can... multiply 2 digit numbers.
    Steps of the Lesson:

    1Click on my Google Classrooms link above. Go to Google Classrooms.

    2. You can use the link below to use the multiplication table, if needed.  On the form, there are two short videos to review the steps for multiplying 2 digit numbers.  Use scrap paper to work out the problems first before clicking on an answer.  Submit when done.

     Work to be turned in:  May 13th Multiply digit numbers form (45 minutes)



    The Specials Schedule has also changed since there are only 3 days. Please click their link and then make sure to submit the form at the bottom of the page.

    Monday- Music


    Wednesday- Gym