• MCHS Parent Involvement

    The MCHS Parent Network is the MCHS Parent PTO.  The Parent Network is the parent organization of MCHS that is dedicated to giving parents the opportunity to stay in touch with the high school. When our children reach high school and become more independent, it is common for the parent to become less connected to the school. However, the high school years are the time when choices are made that will decide a student's future, and parents need to play an integral role. The Parent Network tries to encourage your continued participation while giving you the information that you might need to better assist your student. 
    Using our email we will:
    • Send messages giving you periodic updates from the Principal, Counselors, teachers and or administration.
    • Announce any on site parent meetings or workshops
    • Request Volunteers for Post Prom, dance chaperones, teacher appreciation luncheon, or any volunteers needed by the school for proctoring test or field trips
    • Promote and support High School sporting teams, academic teams or organization that operate within the high school
    If you would like to be on our email list, please send your email address to: