Springfield School Curriculum

    Springfield students benefit from a variety of educational programs that address core curriculum in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

    Language Arts - Springfield is committed to a ninety-minute reading block every day and sixty-minute writing block each day.  K-6 teachers have many research-based resources to address the learning needs of students.  All teachers use Making Meaning and the Comprehension Toolkit program to address the comprehension needs of the learners in their classrooms.    In addition,  classroom teachers K-6  implement the Daily 5 Language Arts structure to build independence for literacy learners.  This has enabled teachers to use small group guided reading instruction with all students based on instructional reading levels. We also are fully implementing Lucy Calkins' Unit of Studies for Writing which teaches students through a writers workshop.  


     Math - Ready Mathematics is used in K-6 classrooms to address student needs in mathematics.  Ready Mathematics utilizes whole class, small group, and individualized instruction.  Students also have an individualized learning path through iReady Pathways.  A pacing guide is used district-wide to help address the transient student population within the district.  Additionally, instructional assistants and paraprofessionals work with students to address areas of need in mathematics. 




    Science and Social Studies - These subject areas are often integrated into the language arts block to address learning needs.