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             Daily attendance- call in by 9 AM, messages can be left at 6900, Routines- children build internal boundaries when parents help establish and maintain routines.  Examples being change clothes when coming home, get snack, do homework, read, play, help with dinner, watch TV, wash up, read, bed by. . . (8-10 hours sleep per night recommended) whatever routine works for your family.  Reading- Parents it is important that you read at home.  When your kids see you reading, the message is this is fun and part of a productive life.  If you can read to your child/children, take time to read upper level books to them that may interest both of you, may only be 15-30 minutes but this can be a great bonding time.
    PBS- Positive Behavioral Supports-We will be teaching your child school-wide behavioral expectations.  Lesson plans for behavior, and as they demonstrate success they will be earning STARBUCKS which can be turned in for chances to win prizes from showcase ,"buy" items at the Starbucks redemption center and teachers also have privileges children can "buy". Student Services-  I teach social skills such as:  how to make friends, deal with bullies, GO COLLEGE , and career education.  I support our 2nd Steps classroom programs and review safety issues at school, home and for life.  I see students individually to help cope or problem solve, in groups for social skills formation and in classes for group instruction.  I also run chess club during lunches in the winter, for students that are interested.

         First and foremost, I'm a counselor.  If there is a problem at home or school, please contact me anytime and let me help or find help.  I don't do therapy, but I can find resources to help.  Some school and home resources are below.


  • Meet the Counselor

    I'd like to welcome you to Springfield whether you are a parent, a child or community member. I'd also like to be one of the first people you meet when registering or visiting and the first if a concern arises. I'm a member of your child's teaching team. I'm in their classroom each week - getting to know your child and helping with a variety of social issues in our school.

    The teaching team here works for one purpose, and that is toward your child's success. That success includes academic, social, emotional and behavioral. My job is very diversified, so if you have questions, please contact me and I'll do my best to get you answers.

    •      BS from Indiana University, Bloomington in Physical Education and Health
    •      MS from IUPUI, Indianapolis in PE and Health
    •      MS from IUSB, South Bend in Counseling and Guidance
    •      3 years Crown Point teacher and coach
    •      1 year IUPUI teacher
    •      1 year Oregon Davis teacher
    •      1 year San Antonio School District
    •      From 1986 to present MCAS
    •      Counselor at Springfield since 1994



    You will find links to academic, behavioral and parenting sites below. Here are a few to get you started.

    Homework Help:


    Spelling help:


    Online Almanac: www.factmonster.com



    Local Mental Health:


    Suicide Prevention:


    Soup kitchens in Michigan City: www.homelessshelterdirectory.org ›

    Indiana Food Pantries

    Behavioral Health Hospital: www.michianabehavioralhealthcenter.com

    3054 W. 800 N.

    Michigan City, IN 46360
    Durning this time away, here is a message to maybe help at home.
    Contact me at:
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2117, ext. 6906  I will be checking messages,