E Leaning Friday October 11

  • Look at the information below to see what you are doing for E-learning today October 11  



    • Algebra I

      I can... simplify expressions, solve equations and solve inequalities.


      Lesson Description: click on the link on Google Classroom and Complete the worksheet on forms.  Show your work on a separate sheet of paper and turn it in by Oct. 16 for full credit.

      1. Go to Google Classroom.

      2. If you haven't joined the class yet, click on the "+" sign to join a class and enter the code for your class period.

      1st period: xxw6gqu,

      2nd period: cbpsooe

      3rd period: 4m38zx

      5th period: jvd2p0

      3. Under the "Classwork" tab, look for the "e-learning" topic.  Click on the "e-learning review assignment 10/11/2019".

      4. Click on the link to go to the Google Form.  Complete the problems, showing your work on a separate sheet of paper.  Submit the form when you are done. Turn in your work paper to the teacher.


      Work to be turned in:  Submitted form and paper showing your work for the problems.






      I can... determine the reference angle

      Lesson Description: watch video and answer the questions within. 

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Go to edpuzzle.com and create a student account(no email address needed)

      2. Enter the class code

      4th period zosipor

          8th period wavikha

      when needed and complete the sign up.

      3. Explore your new class and assignments!