E Leaning Monday February 18

  • Look at the information below to see what you are doing for E-learning today February 18.  Currently all assignment are due by Thursday February 21.



    • Algebra I

      I can... simplify expressions

      This assignment is called polynomials

      Lesson Description: Students will be able to simplify polynomials by combining like terms.

      1. Go to Michigan city area schools, learning place, log into clever then go to study island

      2. Complete all  questions in study island.



      Probability and Statistics

      I can... solve a geometric mean problems.

      Lesson Description: watch video and answer the questions within. You will solve a geometric mean problem using the following formula nth root of n numbers multiplied. The video with show you how.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Go to edpuzzle.com and create a student account(no email address needed)

      2. Enter the class code

      4th period adebila

          8th period ilkabvo

      when needed and complete the sign up.

      3. Explore your new class and assignments!