e-learning Sept. 21, 2020

  • Look at the information below to see what you are doing for E-Learning Sept. 21, 2020 meeting link will be on google classroom page

    Make sure to fill out google classroom attendance sheet

    Keep up with all assignments




    • Algebra I

      I can...solve one and two step equations


      Steps of lesson:  Watch video and look at notes

      then do the assignments


      Lesson Description: click on the link on Google Classroom and Complete the worksheet on forms.  

      1. Go to Google Classroom.

      2. If you haven't joined the class yet, click on the "+" sign to join a class and enter the code for your class period.

      1st period: 4x67gkr

      2nd period: : tgnk6q7

      3rd period:  uo6sajk

      5th period: wbp3now

      3. Under the "Classwork" tab, look for the "e-learning" topic.  Click on the "e-learning 

      4. Click on the link to go to the Google Form.  Complete he problems, showing your work on a separate sheet of paper.  Submit the form when you are done. Turn in your work paper to the teacher.


      Work to be turned in:  Submitted form and paper showing your work for the problems.





      Trigonometry No class today

      I can...simplify, multiply and divide radicals

      Steps of the Lesson: 1) fill out google attendance form

      2)   Review simplifying radicals then do assignment

      3)  Review multiplying and dividing radicals

      4) Fill out formative question


      1. Go to google classroom 

      2. Enter the class code

      4th period: qkbvlqj

          8th period : hhsf7up

      when needed and complete the sign up.

      3. Explore your new class and assignments!