E Learning Day

E Learning Day 5-11-20 /5-13-20


    E-Learning - 5-11-20/5-13-20

    • U.S History

      I can... Understand how the Nixon Era changed the Country. The positive effects like dealing with the Environment to thenegative effects of the time leading up to the Watergate Scandal. What were the feelings of the country at this time? Gerald Ford takes over as an unelected president and pardons Nixon. What are reactions of this? The Jimmy Carters years. A very interesting and dynamic time period as with look at Chapter 31.


      Lesson Description: 5-11-20/ Chapter 31 Notes and Fact Assignment.

      5-12-20/ Lecture on 31 and discussion on the 80's including the Ronald Reagan years.

      5-13-20/ Support Day. Use Email or Google Hangouts as preferred method.

      Steps of the Lessons:

      1. Go to google classroom daily and Megyese Class U.S.History- Class code if you need to add yourself is available to you as a class message.

      Period 1- lg3z2ut

      Period 2- vyaq5lb

      Period 3 - hhaz5mw

      Period 5 - bfrints

      Period 6- bdltxt2

      Period 7- 6m2lys7

      2. Go to Google Classroom

      3. Go to Assignment

      4.  Completion of Assignments

      5. Work to be turned in: As follows on Google Classroom.

      Any questions please email. mmegyese@mcas.k12.in.us