E-Learning Day - 2/18/2019

  • Hello!

    Look at the information below to see what you're doing today for E-Learning. You will have 3 days to complete and turn in the assignment, this will count for your attendance on that specific E-Learning day as well! ALL E-LEARNING ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE BY FEB 21st


    ALGEBRA 2:

    I can... understand and practice Algebra 1 questions in relation to the ISTEP test

    • Log onto Clever & go to Study Island
    • Assignment: ELearning for 2/18 - Algebra 2 Ch.6 Assessment - 12 questions
    • NOTE: This is part of your Ch. 6 Test grade, this will be available on Monday morning



    I can... understand mathematical logic statements.

    • Log into Blackboard & go into your Finite Math Class
    • Click on the Content folder (it's on the left)
    • Assignment: p.276 #1-24,26-38,44,46,48,60-66 (not #11 & 12)
    • The assignment is in the E-Learning folder if you don't have your book with you. This is a review of Ch. 6 
    • DO THE WORK ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER TO BE SUBMITTED IN PERSON - I will check it for Extra Credit points on Tuesday
    • Ch 6 Test is Wednesday 2/20



    I can... understand & evaluate confidence intervals

    • Log into Blackboard & go into your AP Statistics Class
    • Click on the Content folder (it's on the left)
    • Your assignment is inside the E-Learning folder. 
    • Assignment: Ch. 8 Test - Multiple Choice
    • Write your answers on a separate sheet to turn into me.