• Welcome to my Teacher Site.  I am pleased to again be teacher here at MCHS for my 38th year!  It will be a different year in many ways as we have transitioned back to full in-person school.  The last year and a half has been one of distractions and hardships for many.  There are gaps in the education of our youth and it will be a challenge for all to make up these gaps. Students should expect that we will again be working hard to acheive all that they are capable of. It will not be easy, but I expect most to succeed.  Good Luck to All and Have a Great Year!

  • Meet the Teacher
    Mr. Marz obtained his BS in Chemistry in May 1982 from Purdue University and his MS in Science Education from Indiana University in 1984.  He has been teaching in the Michigan City Area Schools since the 1984-1985 school year.  He began at Kreuger Junior High and Elston High School his first year and moved to Elston High School full time his second year.  Mr. Marz remained at Elston until the consolidation of Elston and Rogers High School and has been at Michigan City High School ever since.
    Mr. Marz has been teaching Chemistry I, Physics I, AP Chemistry,  and Chemistry II and has been the Science Department Chair since 2003.  He has taught Chemistry I since 1984. He is currently teaching Chemistry I, Chemistry I AH, Physics I, and AP Physics.  In his free time Mr. Marz enjoys a multitude of hobbies including: fishing, magnet fishing, photography, gardening, beekeeping, boating, kayaking, cookbook collecting, and hunting, Mr. Marz can often be seen taking photographs of the action at many MCHS athletic contests.  He is the sponsor of the Science Club and Fishing Club and co-sponsor of the Table Tennis Club,.  
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    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2044, ext. 4397