• Welcome to Our Class
    Welcome to Michigan City Strength Training!

       This class is an Elective that focuses on improving the quality of our student’s overall health here at Michigan City.  Each student in this class will be shown how to develop various qualities of physical fitness, shown how to measure them, and of course how to improve on them.  Various recommendations and articles will be presented to our students on the benefits of proper diet as well as the all too common “pit-falls” that plague our society today (i.e. Steroids and other drugs).  I have always had, and always will have the same philosophy, “There is no substitute for hard work”.  

  • Meet the Teacher
    I am in my 4th year of teaching Strength Training at Michigan City and 14th year overall.  I Graduated from Hillsdale College located in Hillsdale, Michigan in 1992.
    I received my Masters Degree from the University of Indianapolis in 1998.  I coached Football at the University of Indianapolis for 6 years, Franklin Central for 10 years, and now Michigan City for 4 years.  I have been married for 20 years and have two boys, Erik who is 20 years old and Kyle is 17.  
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