• Welcome to Ms.Bair's website for 2020-2021
    Welcome to Ms.Bair's website for Language Arts and Math, and thank you for visiting.   For Language Arts, students will be working on reading and writing concepts and skills from the EL workbooks with whole group and small group instruction.  Students will also be responsible for reading independently to meet reading points and project requirements for each grading period.  They will also be working with the IReady computer software independently from time to time to help reinforce areas of need and to enhance skills.  This is a program that is designed to address individual needs and provide each student with the practice and direction needed to improve overall skills and understanding of reading concepts.   The writing portion of the program will not only assess students' knowledge of materials read but also how writing pieces are organized, student spelling, grammar usage, and vocabulary used in the writing.  Reading is extremely important to the future of our children so PLEASE read at home with your children as often as possible.  We will also be reading several books together as a class with follow-up activities to promote and assess comprehension of literature.  Finally, our school, as a whole, is focused on comprehension of informational text so we will be reading materials related to science and social studies, to name just a few.
    I am co-teaching this year with one of the 7th-grade Language Arts teachers in three different periods of Language Arts, and I am also co-teaching with both 7th-grade Math teachers in two different math periods.  These math classes will also be using the Iready Read workbook and computer program to teach and enhance math skills and concepts.  Supplemental materials and a variety of activities will also be implemented in the classrooms.  I am in the classrooms to teach and to assist students with their individual areas of difficulty.  
    Additionally, I will have a resource/learning lab period that students can attend to get support with their academics, work on IEP goals, and receive accommodations.
  • Meet the Teacher
    My name is Kathleen Bair, and I have been teaching for MCAS since 1999, after graduating from Purdue.  I am a student support services teacher and have taught multiple subjects from Math to Language Arts to Social Studies.  I have taught middle school for most of my 20 years, predominately focusing on 6th, 7th, and 8th-grades but have had a little experience with 9th grade.   Currently, I co-teach Language Arts and Math for 7th grade.  I love to read, when I have time, and enjoy reading in a small group with my students or just one-on-one.  I also enjoy writing and push to have my students become better writers, focusing on expanding their vocabulary, not only in their writing but also in their everyday speech.
     I have one son, a graduate from MC High School and graduating Cum Laude in Political Science from Knox College in Galesburg, IL.  I also have a new daughter-in-law. I am an animal lover and have more feral cats running around my country home than I care to count.  I am also a die-hard WWE fan.  I have been a resident of Michigan City all my life and am happy that I can give back to my community through teaching.  I love to teach and hope that I can instill in your children the desire to learn.
  • Contact me at:
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2061   Ext. 7434