E-Learning Day

E-Learning Day December 9, 2019

  • E- Learning 8th Grade Blue Day- Monday, December 9, 2019: "The Articles of Confederation"

    Objective 1-  Students will be able to analyze the enactment of "The Articles of Confederation."(History- 8.1.5)


    Objective 2-  Students will be able to identify and explain  essential ideas of constitutional government.(Civics and Government- 8.2.1)


    Essential Question: What were some strengths and weaknesses of "The Articles of Confederation?"



    Goal: Students will better understand the elements of "The Articles of Confederation" by viewing video clips and completing an organizer with a 70% completion/accuracy rate.

    Lesson description: Students will access Google Classroom for video clips to be watched and a chart  to be completed in regard to "The Articles of Confederation."

    Lesson Steps:

    1. Access Google Classroom for your Social Studies 8th Grade block. See links below. 

    1st Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: f02rx0

    2nd Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: 4lwfsk

    5th Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: dyyuzxh

    2. Go to the lesson titled- " The Articles of Confederation."


    3.  Review the chart and then watch the video clips.

    4.  After viewing the clips, complete the chart which is attached. Draw two conclusions about "The Articles of Confederation."  Submit  to me through Google Classroom.  If you have questions, e-mail me at jpeo@mcas.k12.in.us.






    SS8 Block 1:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MDVa

    SS8 Block 2:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MTNa

    SS8 Block 5:https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MjRa






    Work to be turned in: Submit in Google Classroom.  Good luck. 







    Email me with any questions you may have- jpeo@mcas.k12.in.us.