E-Learning Day

E-Learning Practice Day- Blue 8th Grade on Tuesday, September 24

  • E- Learning 8th Grade Blue Day- Monday, September 30, 2019:  English Colonization

    Objective 1- Students will be able to compare and contrast reasons for British, French, Spanish, and Dutch colonization in the New World.(8.1.2- History)

    Objective 2-  Students will be able to analyze human and physical factors that have influenced migration and settlement patterns and relate them to the economic development of the early colonial years.(8.3.8- Civics and Government)

    Essential Question: What were reasons for English colonization in the early years of American history?



    Goal: Students will better understand English colonization in different regions of eastern North America by answering comprehension questions with a 70% completion/accuracy rate.

    Lesson description: Students will access Google Classroom for a video clip to be watched and question sheet to be completed in regard to English colonization.

    Lesson Steps:

    1. Access Google Classroom for your Social Studies 8th Grade block. See links below. 

    1st Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: f02rx0

    2nd Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: 4lwfsk

    5th Block 8th Grade Social Studies Code: dyyuzxh

    2. Go to the lesson titled- " English Colonization."


    3. Watch the video clip.

    4.  Answer the included questions that are attached. Submit  to me through Google Classroom.

    5.  Many of you need to complete the ELearning practice from 9/24 and the Slave Trade activities: outline, "Slave Ship" article, and the 4 comprehension questions.

    These are past due. Please finish and turn in.





    SS8 Block 1:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MDVa

    SS8 Block 2:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MTNa

    SS8 Block 5:https://classroom.google.com/c/NDExNzkyNDk5MjRa






    Work to be turned in: Submit in Google Classroom







    Email me with any questions you may have- jpeo@mcas.k12.in.us.