E-Learning Day - January 30, 2010

Extended E-Learning March 31, 2020


    Here's this week's learning objective: 

    I can analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience considering how it reflects heritage, traditions, attitudes, and beliefs.  

    As usual, all work is posted on Google Classroom, including today's video and Google Form. 

    Steps of the Lesson: 

         1. Watch the video on point of view and culture. The video discusses point of view and how it relates to culture, and then does an analysis of an excerpt from the novel "I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter." 

         2. Answer the question on the Google Form to show that you watched the video. 

         3. Read silently for 20 minutes. Try to do this every day - even if it's not an ELA Day! 

    Work to be submitted: 

         1. Submit your answers to the Google Form.