eLearning Day 2/18/19

Mrs. Miller's ELA Class 2/18/2019 due 2/21/2019



     For E Learning Day on Monday, February 18th

    1. You will go to Quizzizzto complete the quiz on chapters 2-3 of The Giver . Game code is 481014. 



    2. Go to Read Works and read an article from this weeks Article a Day set titled  'Energy and Physical Science'. Respond in your Book of Knowledge. Proofread your response. By the end of the day, you should have at least one entry in your Book of Knowledge.


    Today I Can

    1. Recall and respond in writing to class discussions and my reading

    2. Write a constructed response clearly stating my ideas and opinions

    3. Support my answers with specific details

    4. Proofread and edit my writing for clarity as well as errors in punctuation,         capitalization and spelling



    Please email me if you have questions or need help.