ELEARNING 3/20/2020

eLearning Day Agenda - 9/1/2020

  • 6th grade Math Assignment



    I can represent ratios using the following notations:  a/b, a to b, a:b.



    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to my google classroom page.  Click on the math assignment for 9/1/2020.  



    Work to be turned in:    Math test.


          (45-60 minutes) 


    Science Assignment

    I can use online resources to find solutions.


    Steps of the lesson:

    Go to my Google classroom page and do the Science assignment.


    Work to be turned in:  Google doc

      (30 minutes)


    Reading Assignment

    I can analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza contributes to the development of the theme, characterization, setting, or plot.

    Steps of the lesson:

    1.  Go to my Google Classroom page and do the Reading Assignment for 9/1/2020


    Work to be turned in - none

     (45 minutes)