e-Learning day


  • All Classwork can be found by clicking on the Google Classroom.  Related Arts assignments will be found by clicking on their links.  

    Google Classroom


    I can... ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of main idea and key details (2.RL2.1, 2.RN.2.2/2.3)

    Steps for Lesson:

    • Go to Google Classroom

    • Find the posted English/Language Arts assignment.

    • Click on the link for Read Works.https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NDA4NDcxMDk3NzZa

    • Read and or listen to the story on Bats.

    • When done, go over the vocabulary words.
    • Next, click on the question tab and type in your answers to the questions.  Please look back in the passage to find your answers.
    • Click on submit when done.
    • *Time to complete the assignment is approximately 25 minutes 

    Work to be turned in by 11/8/19



    I can... correctly spell plural nouns (2.W 6.1a)

    Steps of the Lesson:


    Work to be turned in:

    • Take out your handwriting practice and word search packet.
    • Practice writing your spelling words on the back of the word search.
    • Once you have written your words 3 times, solve the word search by circling your spelling words in the word search.
    • Put the handwriting practice and word search packet on the school side of your daily folder to turn in on Wednesday.

        *Time to complete is approximately 15-20 minutes

     Work to be turned in byWednesday, November 6th.


    I can...tell and write time to the nearest five minutes from analog clocks, using a.m. and p.m. (2.M.5)

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Google Classroom.
    2. Find the posted math assignment.
    3. Click on the assignment MobyMax Math 11/5.
    4. Go to MobyMax by clicking on the MobyMax link. (school code in1455)
    5. Select Math.
    6. Complete the assigned lesson on telling time (work verified through Moby report)
    7. Go back to the assignment on Google Classroom.
    8. Select 'Mark as done' to turn in the assignment.


    I can complete assignments on given sites.


    Related Arts:

    Music, Mr. Liwosz (Tuesdays)


    Music, Ms. Bolen (Fridays)


    Art, Mrs. Beadles (Mondays)


    P.E. (Gym), Mr. Collins (Tuesday/Friday)