e-Learning day

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  • Click on the google classroom link to access our google classroom and complete assignments or click directly on the links provided. Under the classwork tab you will find all of the assignments divided up by subject. Links to all of the related arts teacher webpages are located here.  Click on the name of the related arts to access each teacher's webpage.  If you see Mrs. Frase, please remember to click on her teacher page for your assignments.

    SPIRIT WEEK: SAFETY SELFIE!  Take a picture of yourself staying safe at home-washing hands, cleaning, safe distancing, etc. Send it to our class dojo page or to my email at sarndt@mcas.k12.in.us

    Google Classroom


    *Remember to check out Mr. Liwoz's and Mr. Collins' pages for your music and gym assignments. Please remember to do your assignments!



    I can...ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of identifying character traits, setting and central message in a given story (2.RL.2.3, 2. RL.3.1)

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Click on the Google Classroom link
    2. Click on the reading assignment about setting and central message
    3. Type your name on the Google Form, read each question and respond with text evidence.
    4. Re-read your responses before submitting 



    I can ...apply the writing process to my writing with the understanding of using different pronouns (2.W6.1)

    1.  Go to Google Classroom
    2. Go to the assignment Pronouns
    3. This is a Google Slide presentation-just click and answer to help build a mouthful of teeth
    4. Click on the Google Slides -There is a more detailed explaination on how to launch the program on the Google Classroom assignment.  I apologize as I have been waiting several hours for the video to upload.
    5. Read and answer each question carefully
    6. Mark as Done when complete



    I can...solve real-world problems involving addition and subtraction within 100 in situations involving lengths that are given in the same units (2.CA.3)

    1. Grab your Ready Instructional (shiny one) and Practice and Problem Solving Book and a pencil
    2. Follow along on the video and in your instructional (shiny) book, on pages 214-215 (lesson 21A) Fill in your answers
    3. On your own, or with your parents help, complete pages 237-238 in your Practice and Problem Solving Book
    4. "Mark as Done" when you have completed the assignment

    Math Review:

    1. Click on the Google Classroom link and select Math Review
    2. Select the Google Form and type your name on the first line
    3. Read and solve each problem carefully
    4. Use your math journal to solve your problems before selecting an answer
    5. Make sure that all problems have an answer before selecting submit.
    6. Review before selecting submit
    7. Submit when done
    8. Mark as Done when complete

    Spelling: (This is an on-going assignment)

    I can... spell words with consonant patterns of ph, gh, ck, ng,  (2.RF.4.4)

     (Remember that ph and gh makes the sound of "f" and ck together makes a hard "k" sound)

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Review your spelling words on spelling city or here: phone, enough, graph, cough, rough, backtrack, laugh, touch, photo, clang, ticket, ducklings
    2. Login to https://www.spellingcity.com/users/arndt1 and select week 30
    3. Play selected games throughout the week
    4. Continue to practice your words for about 15 minutes
    5. Remember your login information is your first name initial and your entire last name followed by the number 20 and your password is dog

    Work to be turned in: Online test will be on Thursday, 4/2/20-honesty is expected as you complete your test online.  Everyone is expected to take their test on Thursday.  The test will be given on the Spelling City site, just like last week.  




    REMEMBER to complete 30-45 minutes minutes of Iready Math and Reading weekly (by Friday afternoon-this week math has assigned lessons)

    Please work on catching up on any work you have missed earlier in the week or during the past 2 weeks.  



    I can complete assignments on given sites.


    Related Arts:

    Music, Mr. Liwosz (Tuesdays)


    Music, Ms. Bolen (Fridays)


    Art, Mrs. Beadles (Mondays)


    P.E. (Gym), Mr. Collins (Tuesday/Friday)