• Today  is Wednesday, May 13th. It is an elearning day. 

     Yea! Last Day!


    Don't forget that if your child is behind, they should use this next week to catch up until May 20th when all work is turned in.


    Today: 1. View the Magic Show and Final Message

                2. Google Meet at 10:30 (optional)

                 We are doing a talent show (and you don't have to do anything for talent show if you choose not to...) and it would be nice to see all of you one last time before the summer break.

                3. Scholastic Learn at Home...your choice

                4. Read 15-20 Raz read (last day of contest)

                5. Do a dance with your parents to the songs

                6. Another virtual trip (Optional & Your choice)

                7. Lubeznik Art (Optional)


    Warning: Please monitor songs of day. Even though I assigned one song per click, youtube will sometimes go on to something else.


                                     Click:Last Mr. Huber Message



                                          View video here: Song of Day Happy

                                              Do a Dance Song`Happy dance

                                              Do One More Dance Song

                                              Madonna Holiday

                          Click here: Magic Show and Message

                                 Click:  One Last Morning Meeting

                                             Starts at 10:30

                                Click:Trips at Indiana State Park

                          ( We did make a trip here in the fall)

                          (They have several trips...you pick one)


                          Click for art:Lubeznik Gallery Art            


     Raz Kids Reading

     The reading contest will end on today. The top three kids will have a prize sent to their house. Keep reading.

    Click link here:  Raz Kids



     Scholastic Learn at Home

      Click here: Scholastic Learn at Home





     Don't forget to get art, gym and music done for the week. Remember it only posted once a week now, so if you got it done earlier this week, you are good.


    Mrs. Frase

    Mr. Collin Speech