• Today  is Wednesday, April 1st. It is an elearning day.

    All lessons due to be announced.

    Today you can  sit around all day and play video games.



    Things to Get Done:


    Today:  1.View lessons

               2. Do math homework (p.229,230,231,232)

                3.Answer question about Peter Rabbit

                (Use Yes Ma or Maa..text below)

               4. Do Moby language, math and facts

               5. Read 15-20 your choice of reading





    Spelling List this week.

    1.knock 2.sign 3.knee 4.wrong 5. write 6. climb 7. wrap

    8. wren 9. gnat 10. lamb 11. comb 12. knob

    Write these words out daily and write a sentence with them. Please date the paper:  To keep learning new words and get good at spelling, practice daily through the week. There will not be any spelling test but I will grade the sentences you write out. 




    View video lessons here: Miss Bolen Greeting

                                              Math Video Part 1

                                              Math Lesson Part 2

                                              Yes Ma Lesson


     You will use Yes Ma or Yes Maa to answer the following question: What does the farmer do with Peter's shoes and jacket that were left behind?

    (Remember to turn the question into a answering statement by using most of the words in the question, don't forget to answer it and say one or two things the author says to prove you are right. Please put your name and the date on top of the paper and put it in your folder. Use the following text to answer the question.


    Text from page 59-60

    Peter got down very quietly off the wheelbarrow, and started running as fast as he could go, along a straight walk behind some black currant bushes. Mr. McGregor caught sight of him at the corner, but Peter did not care. He slipped underneath the gate, and was safe at last in the wood outside the garden. 

    Mr. McGregor hung up the little jacket and the shoes for a scarecrow to frighten the blackbirds.





     All lessons are on Moby Max (green whale icon). To get there go to the link below that says "Learning Place" that is located below after  all the learning set directions. Once you are there, go to Clever first and log in, then go to the bottom and click on the green whale to be in MobyMax. You will find all lessons there. You will find the assignments when you click the icon on top next to the bookshelf. The icon has an A+ on it. Parents, please remember time limits on each subject, including fact fluency practice.



    I can identify and use pronouns. 

     Start this lesson. 

    Steps: Click below on Moby Max. 

               Go to the red language box.

               Do about 20-30 minutes of language  and learn more about pronouns.



    Reading Stories

    I can read stories at my level and answer questions that ask about the story. 

    Steps: Stay on the Moby site or click the Moby Max

               Go to the blue reading stories  box.

               Do about 30 minutes Thursday  reading stories and answering questions that go with the stories.

    As an extra option for reading daily... I am going to include a new daily website, Raz Kids. Students will go to the link, type in my username: tisacunningham. 

    This will take them to a screen with class names. They will pick there name and the icons that are passwords for all kids will be the first icon the rabbit. This will take them to a screen that shows two choices: Level up or Reading room...go to reading room and just read and answer questions to each book that they read. Make sure to go to leveled books and stay with the level I picked for you. You don't want to read to easy or too hard...it must be a good fit level for you.  Reading daily for about 20 minutes is fine. Again, those choices for reading are Reading Stories on Moby, their book pack, or Raz Kids. 


    Click link here:  Raz Kids



    I can write numbers by reading the word. This is review of the practice that we have already had in class a while back.  


    Steps: Stay on Moby.

               Go to the green box that says Math.

               Do about 30 minutes of math daily.


    More Math

    I can get faster at my adding and subtracting facts. 

    Steps: Stay on Moby or can opt to do 10 min. of the fact practice in your folder. 

     Do 15 minutes of green fact fluency box daily.





    Remember..to get to Moby Max, click on learning place link below, log in at clever, move to the bottom to find the green whale icon...and get to work.



    Click on link: learningplace 


    Please check related arts specials daily.  Please go all the way to the bottom of this page to click on  specials to see if there are any specials and access them. 

    No specials on Wednesday.


    Mrs. Frase

    Mr. Collin Speech



    Music Monday Ms. Bolen

    Tuesday Music 


    Gym Monday and Tuesday.