Friday, Feb. 4th 2022

  • GOOD Morning 5th Graders! Welcome to our Friday :)

    E-Learning Day! I have posted all of your work for today in Google Classroom! This will save confusion since you are used to using the Google Classroom all year so far. You will have 1 day to get the work posted to get credit and then it will be deleted! I hope your day is AWESOME! I am so thankful for all of your hard work. Please just do your best! Thanks to all of you for doing the assignments yesterday!




    NEWSELA: I have assigned 2 articles for you about Black History to read or listen to and complete the quizzes.Your learning objective for this is "I can read a text and determine the meaning of unknown words." I can read a text and determine the main idea and key details." 

    **To wrap our words for the week, your typing sentence assignment is also posted in Google Classroom! Share your doc when you are done!