Elearning 2-18-19

  • We are accustomed to using google classroom. Welcome to our elearning day! My assignments are all on google classroom, which is a tool your child uses regularly. 

    Elearning Date:02/18/19





    #1 Please logon to Clever and get at least 20 minutes of reading done on your path. 

    #2 Readworks: Assignments will vary based on your reading level. Logon to homeroom and you will see your assignment set.

    Please add your book information on the reading log that is found in google classroom.   



    #1 Please make sure you have the appropriate 25 minutes in math.

    #2 Tenmarks assignments based on your level and progress.




    #1 Begin an investigation on erosion and weathering. On Google docs I will add a thread to begin a conversation about weather and erosion. 

    4.ESS.3 Describe how geological forces change the shape of the land suddenly and over time.


    We have Art today. Please use the link below.


    If we have music: https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/Page/14303

                  art: https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/Page/14608

                  PE  :https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/Page/14307