E-Learning December 9, 2019

  • E-Learning 12-9-19

    All the work for today's E-Learning day is due 12-13-19

     Lake Hills STEM Magnet School

    Just click on the link (the underlined parts of the directions) and it will take you to the site to complete the activities.  


     Language Arts Activities 

    I can ... name and generate the sounds for the letters A-Z 

    Steps to the lesson

    1. Listen to  and sing along with the video Jack Hartmann Animal Alphabet Move and Grove
    2. Write your name five times using a capital letter only for the first letter of your name and lowercase letters for the rest of your name.
    3. Practice reading my sight words and writing them three times each.  
      • I            a          red        am
      • at          if          the        in
      • go         blue     zero      yellow
      • me        my       he         one
      • on         little

    *Work to be turned in - name writing paper and sight word list 

    I can .... write about a story

    Steps to the lesson

    1. Listen to the story The Mitten
    2. Draw a picture and label the animals. 


    *Work to be turned in - Picture with labels 



    canuse technology to count to 100 by 1’s

    Steps to the lesson

    1. Count to 100 by 1's with Count to 100
    2. Count to 100 by 10's with Count by 10's and exercise


    I can … participant in computer lessons designed for my ability.

    Steps to the lesson

    1. On Clever do 15 minutes of your Iready Math and Reading pathway https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/domain/32

    *Work to be turned in - Iready minutes, I will see online.  


    I can … write my numbers 0 -20.

    Steps to the lesson

    1. Write your numbers 0 – 20 - 2 times each

    *Work to be turned in - number writing paper


    Science Activities

    I can ... investigate the weather

    Steps to the lesson

    1. Listen to the Sid the Science Kid The Weather Man
    2. Look out the window and see how the weather is.
    3. On a piece of paper draw and label picture of how the weather is outside now.

    *Work to be turned in - picture with labels