• Welcome to the Knapp Music Room!
    Due to the conditions in our world that we all are
    dealing with, Music will be taught in our 'virtual'
    Music Room for the time being. We have many
    challenges ahead as we begin the new year, but
    we will learn some new things, gain some new
    abilities and have some fun along the way! I
    have many things in store for our Knapp Knights
    musicians for the 2020-2021 school year!
    Grades K-2
    Singing on pitch, keeping a steady rhythm,
    movement and songs, stories and music, singing
    games and much more!
    Grades 3-6
    Musical Styles:            
    Patriotic, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Rap...
    and more!
    Music Theory:
    Note Identification (pitch and duration), Melody,
    Rhythm, Harmony, Dynamics, Tempo, Structure,
    Timbre, Texture and Tonality. Recognizing
    Instruments by their sound - Aurally     
    The Knapp Knights Grammy Awards!
    Spring Musical! (Hopefully!)
                   And much, much more!
    Let's make some MUSIC! : ) 
  • Meet the Teacher!
    Hello!  I'm Stephen Chambers, the Music Specialist
    at Knapp Elementary!  I hold Bachelor's and
    Master's Degrees from Indiana University,
    specializing in Instrumental, Choral, and
    General Music.  I pride myself on my students
    abilities in vocal production and singing on pitch,
    early music theory, and an all-round knowledge of
    music in general.  My hope is that my students open
    their minds and experience all that music has to offer! 
  • Contact me at:
    Email: schambers@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone: (219)873-2096 ext.6411