• Week of Code  

    Thanks to all who were a part of the 2017 Week of Code in Michigan City!

    Michigan City Area Schools is hosting a city-wide "Week of Code" for students and community members, May 6-12.  The activities offered throughout the week will teach basic coding concepts to participants.  Students at MCAS schools will take part in age-appropriate coding activities, while community members are invited to attend a two-day Intro to Code Course that runs May 6-7 at Michigan City High School.  

    What's "coding?" At the most basic level, code is a set of written instructions a human gives a machine, telling it what to do. Computer coding makes it possible to create software, websites, apps, and games... but almost anything that runs on electricity uses code. The demand for coding skills in the workplace has increased as technology becomes integrated into more jobs.  

    • Volunteers Needed! If you have experience with computers and would like to volunteer at one of our schools during Coding Week, please contact Kelly Foley at kfoley@mcas.k12.in.us or call (219) 873-2000 ext. 8327. Please note: you will be asked to complete the MCAS volunteer background check form.
    • Business Sponsors and partners are needed to help support this event and future coding initiatives. Please contact Katie Eaton at EDCMC, keaton@edcmc.com or call (219) 873-1211.
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