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    This class is intended for juniors and seniors who are interested in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry.  We offer a two year program that will expose students to many fun and challenging projects, including our BRAND NEW CAFE!  That's right, we opened Career Cafe in November that is open to the public.  This allows us to directly apply what we are learning through catering and really fun sales to our own students like cookie sales and candy sales.  This semester, we will be opening our own food cart here in the school that will allow us to sell our food to AK Smith Students.  
    Who is this class good for?  Someone who likes to move, someone who likes to stay active in class, and someone who learns best by doing.  We spend most of our time in the kitchen experiencing hands-on learning.  We will experiment with recipes and I encourage the kids to suggest changes to the menu and want to see what happens if we just add a little bit of this.....and maybe a little bit of that.  Creating food and fun experiences for our customers at the cafe allows the student to really stretch themselves and their personal creativity.  
    In this class, we will work to obtain 3 certifications that will give the student a leg up in the job market and when applying to college level culinary programs.  The first is ServSafe. ServSafe Website  This certification shows that the student fully understands how to stay safe in the kitchen and how to make sure he or she is serving food that meets very high sanitary standards.  The other 2 are Prostart Certifications through the National Restaurant Association. Natl Restaraunt Assoc Website   Along with information about the program, the website also provides great study tools to help them achieve the certification.   Prostart Certication Website
    Culinary Management & Hospitality Management
    HOSP 101: Sanitation & First Aid (2 credits), HOSP 102: Basic Food Theory and Skills (3 credits)
    Advanced Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management
    HOSP 104: Nutrition (3 credits), HOSP 105: Introduction to Baking (3 credits)


  • My name is Mary Koselke and I'm very excited to be at AK Smith Career and Technical Center.  I have been in the restaurant and food industry for almost 30 years.  I started cooking when I was a child, by the side of both of my grandmothers.  They had very different styles of cooking, but each of them instilled in me the importance of food and the importance of the family meal.  

    I have been in the restaurant and food service industry for about 30 years.  I received my bachelor's degree from Earlham College, elementary education degree from Purdue University Northwest and an MBA from Purdue University.  

    I have 3 cats who I ADORE and spend way to much time talking about, and I love knitting.  

    Feel free to give me a call.  I'd love to hear from you.

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    Contact me at:
    Email: mkoselke@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2120, ext. 8731