• Hours for Ours Mentoring

    Mission Statement

    Hours for Ours is a school-based mentoring program partnering Michigan City Area Schools Students with the Michigan City adult / business community, thereby creating positive voluntary intergenerational relationships nurturing childrens' potential.

    Who Can Become a Mentor?
    Any adult who has passed the criminal background check and would like to be a positive influence in the life of an MCAS student can become a mentor.

    How it works:

    Youth participation in Hours for Ours may be at the suggestion of a parent, child, principal, teacher or other school support staff. Participating students must have parent consent. Youth are matched with a mentor who has successfully completed the mentor application process and undergone a criminal background check. MCAS youth meet one hour per week with their mentor. Meetings take place in a designated area within the child's school, under the support of a Hours for Ours school site coordinator. Youth and mentors spend time playing games, talking and building relationships based on support and trust. The mentor is an emotional 'cheerleader' for the child as he/she grows and begins to realize their potential and sprout dreams for their future. Mentors are available to meet during a student's lunchtime or in designated MCAS after-school program sites. Any meetings between a mentor and a student outside of school or a designated Hours for Ours sponsored activity is between the mentor student and students parent.

    "Mentoring has made me slow down once a week, long enough to realize what is really important"

    - Heather, Trans Apparel Group

    "My mentor taught me how to be a good friend"

    - Pine School Student

    "If you make a little impact in a child's life by encouraging them in the right direction you've made a real contribution to the child, yourself and the community"-

    Larry, Weil McLain

    How do you begin?

    Contact Abby May


    873-2026 ext. 8750 


    What will you need to do?

    Complete criminal background check

    Attend a mentor orientation


    What should I expect?


    • The Hours for Ours approval process may take two to four weeks to complete.


    • The support of MCAS staff as you build and sustain a relationship with your student.


    • A shared sense of pride as your mentor grows, learns and experiences the seeds for success.


    • Satisfaction in knowing that you are a part of  a community which is creating the building blocks of our community's future.

    Hours for Ours Partners with the following:

    Michigan City Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan City Area Schools, Michigan City Businesses, Faith-based Organizations, and Community Members, Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation, Unity Foundation of LaPorte County, and United Way of Laporte County.




    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel ~Maya Angelou 


    Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. ~Lady Bird Johnson