• Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-K Services 

    Where is Pre-K offered?
    Two MCAS elementary buildings house Pre-K programs. These programs are offered through the LaPorte County Family YMCA at Pine and Springfield. Students from any attendance boundary area may attend these programs. MCAS serves students with special needs through a developmental Pre-K program housed at Knapp, Pine, and Springfield. 

    Who teaches in Pre-K classrooms?
    YMCA instructors are highly qualified to teach early childhood education. Classrooms are also staffed with an assistant who has received special training.

    How much does this cost?
    Fees are $120 per week for a full day ($85 half day) for the YMCA program. Scholarships and/or sliding scale options for families in need are available at both locations on a limited basis. In addition, the program accepts vouchers through Indiana’s Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF).

    How do I apply for a CCDF voucher?
    A limited number of vouchers for Pre-K and child care are available in each Indiana County for those who qualify. For details, visit: https://www.inchildcare.org/

    Is there an initial enrollment or registration fee?
    Yes. A $50 fee will be charged by the YMCA.

    Is Pre-K offered five days a week?
    Programs operate five days a week (only on the days that the elementary school is in session). The YMCA may also be able to accommodate children attending only two or three days a week, however, this is based on scheduling availability.

    Is there an extended day program available?
    Pre-K programs operate during normal building hours (8:15am - 3:00pm daily). 

    Is transportation provided?
    MCAS provides free bus service for Pre-K students attending the YMCA programs at Pine and Springfield who live on the elementary routes serving those schools. Students living in the Joy boundary who are on a regular bus route to Pine may also be transported to Pine. Mid-day pickups and drop-offs are not available. 

    Are meals provided?
    Yes. Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided by MCAS Food Service. (Breakfast and lunch are free for all students.) 

    How many students are in each Pre-K class?
    Up to 20 students (age 3) or up to 24 students (age 4).

    Do children attending Pre-K in MCAS buildings “dress for success”?
    Yes. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

    What about special education students?
    Children who qualify for other Special Education services as determined by the Case Conference/IEP will receive services within the MCAS Early Childhood Developmental Pre-K Program. Most of these students attend classes at Knapp, Pine or Springfield. For more information contact (219) 873-2000, ext. 8335. 

    What if my child requires speech/language services?
    Students who require speech/language services may be served in the YMCA programs, by MCAS specialists. Those who are not enrolled in these programs may be served at schools, by appointment, and/or may receive services as determined by their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

    What are the age requirements for enrollment?
    Children must be age 3 or 4 by October 1. They must also be potty trained.

    Am I required to send my Pre-K student to my neighborhood school’s program?
    No. You may register at any MCAS school where Pre-K is offered. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that bus transportation will be provided only to neighborhood schools.

    Are there other options for Pre-K in Michigan City?
    Yes. Head Start and Imagination Station offer Pre-K programs at their locations.

    What is Head Start?
    Head Start is a federally funded Pre-K program for children ages 3-5. It is available at no charge to families who meet income guidelines. The Head Start office in Michigan City is located at Niemann School, 811 Royal Road (219) 873-2146. Follow this link for more information: