• Follow the 5 steps below to access the SPRING BOARD
                   Video Activities. 
    1. To log into the www.mcas.k12.in.us, first click "Sign in" up at the top of the screen.
    2. Type in your username and password and click "Sign In" If your username and password is not working, please contact your lab assistant or call the help desk number at 8359.
    Sign In  
    3. You should notice that it no longer says "Sign In" up at the top.  It now says "Site Manager" and "My Account." Site Manager is used to edit the web pages you have access to. Your password can be changed using "My Account." Click on the Staff Menu to access "Curriculum Resources."
    Site Manager  
    4. Select "Curriculum Resources."
    Curriculum Resources  
    5. If you are logged in, "SB Video Activities" will be listed in the left side menu. Enjoy!