• Miss Haines’ Behavior and Discipline Policy

    We have been practicing procedures and appropriate behavior for school and the classroom. We ask for your support to ensure ALL children have a safe learning environment. I am using a classroom management strategy that I hope will encourage students to make good choices in their academic and social experiences during their kindergarten year.   Each day your child will have the opportunity to earn stamps/stickers toward various rewards.  Listed below are 5 simple rules that each child will be expected to follow in order for all children to learn in a safe learning environment.

    1. Follow directions quickly.
            2. Raise your hand to speak.
            3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
            4. Make smart choices.
            5. Keep your dear teacher happy. 

           I will use a color code system.  Each child begins on a smiley face.  If your child does not following the rules or misbehaves, they will be told to change their card.  The first offense children will change to green, then yellow, and finally red.

    Possible consequences for not following the rules or misbehaving are listed below.

    1. Loss of recess time
            2. Loss of privileges/participation in fun activities
            3. Phone call/note to parents
            4. Sent to EAP (Elementary Alternative Program)
            5. Sent to principal's office for disciplinary action.