• Book Fair

    Edgewood Library has two book fairs yearly.  The first is during October and the second takes place in May (May 7th-May 11th). The book fair is open in the evening during a Family event. Book Fair profits are used to support library programs, purchase AR tests and additional library books.  

    Renaissance Place / Accelerated Reader (AR)

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading incentive program. Students read a book, labeled with a pink AR sticker and may take a computer quiz on that book title. The students may only take the quizzes at school. The students will be able to find a book in the list online so they will know what books to look for in their classroom or at home and at the public library.

    All books on the list have a test available. Click the link below to open the list in a new window. To open the list at home, you will need Adobe Reader or Foxit.

    Renaissance Place  

     Young Hoosier Book Award Program

    YHBA logo

    The Young Hoosier Book Award Program is a state-wide reading program promoted in all elementary and middle schools in the school system..  The purpose of the program is to encourage recreational reading among children in grades K-8.  Sponsored by the Association of Indiana School Library Educators (AISLE), the program is a cooperative effort between administrators, school media staff, teachers, public libraries and the community. Students vote for their favorite book from the twenty chosen for their grade level.

    Edgewood participates in the Picture Book program in grades K-3 and the Intermediate program for grades 4-5.  In the K-3 program all students participate by listening to the stories read aloud. Students in grades 4-5 read the books independently or have the books read to them. Children in 4th-5th grades earn various incentives for participating. Students who have read all 20 Hoosiers receive a trophy at the end of the year and are taken out to lunch to the restaurant of their choice at lunchtime. Check out the Hoosier book site for a list of books for 2012-13. http://www.ilfonline.org/clientuploads/12-13YHBANominees.pdf