• Attendance Policy 


    Punctual and regular attendance is essential for academic success. Parents are expected to phone the office by 9:00 am on the day that their child is absent.  If a parent is unable to call, then upon the student's return to school, a written note signed by the parent must be provided to the school.


    I. Tardiness:  A student shall be considered tardy when he or she is not inside the classroom door at the time the class is scheduled to begin. This may include the student having to make up the time missed for arriving late or having to leave early. Excessive tardiness to school will be referred to attendance officer and may, among other action, result in legal action being instituted against the parent(s).


    II. Absences:  All students will be expected to make up all work missed due to any absence for any reason. The only exception will be for expulsions.


    III. Excessive Absences:   Students missing more than seven (7) days of school in any semester may have expulsion procedures started by the building principal. The absences listed below will not count toward the seven days:

    1. absences covered by a doctor's note.
    2. death in the immediate family
    3. court appearances.
    4. service in the state legislature.
    5. service at the election polls.
    6. religious observance
  • 2023 Krueger Tardy Policy 

    1st = Verbal warning

    2nd = Verbal warning & parent contact (email/phone call)

    3rd = 1 Lunch Detention & parent contact

    4th = 2 Lunch Detentions & parent contact

    5th = Referral; 1 Day Academic Alternative

    6th = 3-5-3 Plan, Referral, 1 Day Academic Alternative

    7th = Referral; 2 days Academic Alternative

    8th = Referral, 2 Days Academic Alternative

    9th = Referral, 3 Days Academic Alternative

    10th and beyond = Referral; Additional consequences determined by Admin.


    • These are per class.
    • Tardies reset at the semester.