• Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program are eligible to receive up to 12 college credits though Ivy Tech Community College. Students must maintain a "B" or better in the course to be eligible for dual credits and must pass the Accuplacer exam. 

    Indiana College and Career Pathway Plan – State Model

    Cluster: Education and Training

    Pathway: Education and Early Childhood

    Concentration: Early Childhood Education

    Core 40 with Honors High School Graduation Plan*

    *This is a SAMPLE plan for schools to use in planning. Course sequences and grade level in which courses are offered may vary according to local policies, practices and resources.

    Students should enroll in Indiana Career Explorer, complete interest inventories, and investigate 
    careers in clusters & pathways prior to or during the time they create their individual Pathway Plans.




    Language Arts




    Social Studies

    CTE/Career Preparation Courses

    for this Pathway

    Other Elective Courses

    for this Pathway


    English 9

    Algebra I


    Physical Ed;

    Health req. met with F&CS courses

    Preparing for College & Careers;

    Nutrition & Wellness


    Computer Applications,

    Personal Financial Responsibility

    World Language


    English 10



    Geography/History of the World or World   History/Civilization

    Child Development;

    Advanced Child Development

    Interpersonal Relationships;



    World Language


    English 11

    Algebra II

    3rd Core 40 Science

    US History

    **Early Childhood Education I


    World Language


    English 12

    Math or Quantitative Reasoning


    Government Economics

    **Early Childhood Education II


    Fine Arts

    State specified Pathway Assessment: Early Childhood Education Pre-PAC and/or Dual Credit Final Exams

    Industry Recognized Certification: Early Childhood Education Pre Professional Certification; Child Development Associate (CDA)

    \Postsecondary Courses Aligned for Potential Dual Credit**

    **See individual Course Frameworks for alignment of high school course standards and postsecondary course objectives

    Ivy Tech Community College

    • ECED 100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    • ECED 101 Health, Safety and Nutrition
    • ECED 103 Curriculum in Early Childhood Classroom 
    • EDU101 Introduction to Teaching (This is a new course being offered in the fall of 2016!)