Open Door Adolescent Health Center
    The Open Door Adolescent Health Center (ODAHC) is a school-based comprehensive health center located on-site at the Michigan City High School.   The ODAHC believes that all adolescents are entitled to reliable, accessible and comprehensive health care.  Our goal is to promote healthy behavior and subsequently improve school attendance.  The services we offer are separate from those already offered by the MCAS School Nurse.


    The mission of the Open Door Adolescent Health Center is to increase access to and utilization of primary physical and mental health services to students within the Michigan City Area School district, regardless of the ability to pay, so that these students can achieve optimal health and maximum benefit from their education.  The ODAHC works closely with the MCHS school nurse in providing these supplemental services by a Family Nurse Practitioner, MSW Social Workers, and a Medical Director/Pediatrician. 


     A school-based health center provides comprehensive preventive and primary health care services to students on a school campus.   


    • One third of the students (there are 891 students registered) of the center's patients report they have no health insurance coverage. 
    • Covering Kids and Families of LaPorte County estimates that 18.9% or 2,379 children under the age of 18 were uninsured in 2008.
    • LaPorte County is on the top 25% of Indiana counties with high rates of children poverty.  We plan to lower the student absenteeism, minimize the interruption of education for health/mental health reasons. 


    The Open Door Adolescent Health Center provides health and mental health services on-site at the Michigan City High School during the school day.  The clinic also provides outreach services to middle schools and elementary students that are without health insurance.  
    Open Door Adolescent Health Center complies with all Federal, State and Local laws & regulations related to provisions of services regulated by the Indiana State Board of Health.
    All medical and mental health counseling services provided by the health Center are confidential between the professional staff and the student.  Students are encouraged to talk to their parents about their medical condition and personal concerns.  In the event of an immediate problem, which could jeopardize the student's life, health, or well being, parents will be notified.