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    Classroom Expectations

    In the classroom, I expect all students to behave in a manner that is conducive to learning. Students must remain on task, complete their work, do their personal best, and remain respectful of others as well as of themselves. Toys are not allowed at school. 

    The students know that my one rule is "Respect." Students must respect themselves, others, and the school. If they respect themselves, they will do their best. If they respect others, they will get along, be polite, and do what is expected out of them. Respecting the school includes taking care of the school grounds and equipment.

    The following link will take you to the state standards that will be covered:
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  • Supplies:


    Each student is responsible for his or her own school supplies. Please check with your child regularly to see if any if their supplies are running low.

    Items needed:

    1. pencils
    2. erasers
    3. crayons
    4. markers
    5. Kleenex
    6. colored pencils
    7. glue
    8. paper towels
    9. scissors
    10. ruler
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