• Medication Policy:

    All prescription medication must be accompanied by written order signed by a physician, as well as written parent/guardian permission. The medicine must be furnished in the original pharmacy container. If the medicine or dosage is changed, a written order signed by the physician must again be furnished. Over the counter medicine must be in the original container and accompanied by written permissions from the parent/guardian. All forms may be obtained from the school office.

    Illness or injury:

    In case of illness or injury, school personnel and/or the nurse will administer first aid. Upon medical emergency, the parents will be contacted immediately. If parents cannot be reached, your child will be taken to the emergency room of your designated hospital where treatment is available.

    Fire, Tornado, and Emergency Drills:

    Fire drills are conducted once per month, and tornado and emergency drills are conducted twice each semester. Escape plans are posted inside the door of each classroom. Each teacher discusses these drills with the students.