Marsh School Behavior: 

    Marsh School uses the Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) program, which is a positive and proactive approach to discipline. We emphasize learning Lifeskills and making positive choices. We recognize good behaviors regularly, and teach schoolwide procedures consistently. This will help to decrease problem behaviors and discipline referrals. Students are able to earn Paws cards and trade them in for privileges or enter special prize drawings. PAWS is our motto for schoolwide behavior expectations, which is explained below.


    P- Positive Attitude

    Focus on learning

    Show pride and effort in all tasks

              Be friendly and helpful

    A- Accept Responsibilty

              Come prepared for learning

              →Keep hands and feet to yourself

              →Take ownership of your actions

    W- Work Together

              Use appropriate ways to solve your problems

              Be an active listener

              Choose kind words and actions

    S- Show Respect

              Listen and follow directions

              Think before you speak and act

              Treat others right


    We teach the above guidelines to all students and the expected behavior (procedures) that are below. We believe that these are very important for everyone to be successful. 


    Marsh School Procedures:


    Hallway Procedure

    1. Walk quietly facing forward

    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

    3. Stay to the right

    4. Respect other’s personal space and property

    5. Show responsible behavior at all times


    Restroom Procedure

    1. Be quick, quiet, and careful

    2. Flush when finished

    3. Wash your hands with soap

    4. Throw used paper towels in the trash


    Cafeteria Procedure

    1. Use hallway procedure when entering and exiting the cafeteria

    2. Stand in line patiently and wait to be served

    3. Go to a table and stay seated until dismissed

    4. Visit quietly with friends around you

    5. Raise your hand if something is needed

    6. When dismissed, clean your area and throw away trash

    7. Walk directly to recess


    Playground Procedure

    1.  Remain within the designated playground area

    2.  Enter the building only with permission

    3.  Use the playground equipment in a safe and proper manner

    4.  Any activity that might cause injury to self or others is not permitted

    (Examples: tackle football, or any games involving grabbing, pushing or hitting)

    5.  Kicking or throwing balls against the building or on the roof is not allowed

    6.  Stones, snow, or wood chips will not be thrown

    7.  Any equipment brought from home must be approved by adult on duty

    8.  Food and drinks are not allowed on the playground

    9.  Line up quickly and orderly at the end of recess


    NOTE: Students are told not to speak to strangers or go out of the fenced area during recess for safety reasons!