• Learning Style Survey 

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    Everybody has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding your learning style helps you to learn more effectively. Click on one of the links below to discover your learning style. Do you learn best through auditory, visual or tactile information? Are you an independent, codependent, etc. learner? Maybe you are a combination of learning styles. Find out how you learn best by clicking on the links below.

    The surveys are web-based. Students receive immediate results which can be printed or copied to "My Plan."

    What's Your Learning Style

    • 20 multiple choice questions (3 choices)
    • Learning styles are auditory, visual, tactile
    • From Education Planner (of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency - PHEAA)
    • Appropriate for high school

    Learning Style Survey

    • 60 questions - uses the Likert scale (5 choices)
    • Learning styles are: Independent, Advoidant, Collaborative, Dependent, Competitive, and Participant
    • From University of Cincinnati, Grasha-Riechmann student learning style survey
    • Appropriate for middle - high school

    Learning Style Inventory 

    • 24 questions - select from "Seldom," Often" or "Rarely"
    • Learning styles are: Auditory, Visual, Tactile
    • From Pennsylvania State University
    • Appropriate for middle - high school