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    Suggestions to Teach Blogging
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    Each week have students do a blog post in My Plan on the SNAPP site, answering the question: "How am I doing?"

    At first, students should write about one paragraph for each of these questions:

    • What makes for a really good blog post -- one that others want to read and respond to?
    • What did you do this week -- or since you last wrote about your blogging?
    • What do you hope to do next week on your blog?
    • What's the difference between writing on paper and blogging?

    Week 1: Introductions
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    Use a text editor (Open Office, writer) to write a short, thoughtful, personal blog post. Free write, then edit and post to My Plan.

    Suggested prompt:

    First Free write: With the purpose of this class in mind, write non-stop for about ten minutes (without paying attention to errors) about something that you care a lot about this week, and something that is discuss-able. Write in a way that might open a conversation about something that you think is important right now.

    Other possibilities and prompts:

    • Who am I?
    • What's it like to be a ..... year old in ........... , ............ in the first decade of the 21st Century? (One example might be What is it like to be a 13 year old in Virginia in the first part of the 21st Century?)
    • Identity Poems

    Week 2: Passions
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    Use a text editor (Open Office, writer) to free write non-stop for 10 minutes use focused sentence and more free writing. After revising, copy and paste writing into My Plan. Display the timer on the classroom monitor so students can pace themselves as they free write.

    Possible lesson examples:

    • Mini-Lesson on Revising
    • Write 10 questions you have about yourself and 10 questions you have about the world.

    Week 3: Tags
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    Students choose their most "discuss-able" question from the list of 10 self/10 world questions. Use a text editor (Open Office, writer) to write on this topic. After revising, copy and paste writing into My Plan and come up with 5 keywords or tags. (Tags will help form the word cloud so others can find your writing topics.)

    • Tags help others find similar topics. The larger the word in a word cloud the more blogs on that topic.
    • Try to use tags that are already in the word cloud, if there are any that match your blog.

    Week 4: Community
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    Use a text editor (Open Office, writer) and use the Writing Process (free writing - focused sentence - more free writing - keywords - more writing) to write about anything that is on your mind this week.

    • Choose another one of your 10 self / 10 world questions and use the Open Writing Process to explore this question.
    • What places in your community are special to you?
    • What stories can you tell about these places?
    • Would these stories be what people expect someone from your community to write? Or would they be surprised?
    • How will reading your story and knowing about your special place help a young person at another school relate to your life and get to know you?
    • Represent yourself by telling a story about a place near your school.