• Krueger Classroom Technology

    Krueger has 6 computer labs with 30 student stations and one lab with 22 student stations.  Three of these labs are in the Language Arts classrooms, one is the Tech/Careers classroom, and one is the Gateway classroom. The Extended Learning classroom has 22 student stations. Each Special Ed. room contains 10 computers. Some of the other classrooms contain from one to 7 computers depending on the need.
    The library has 4 OPAC stations that are used to search for library books. They also have 14 stations available for student use.
    The school also has a 30 station portable cart of netbooks that can be used in any classroom.
    The Environmental classroom has 20 Thrive tablets for students to use.
    Teachers also have Tablets, Elmos, Mobis, and Projectors or TVs to use for classroom instruction.
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