• Technology Guidelines

    Using the Computers at Joy

    Practice good work habits
    • Sit properly

    • Work quietly

    • Be respectful of others and the equipment

    • Never share your password with others

    • Never print anything without permission

    Leave your work station neat

    • Save and close open files

    • Exit programs before logging off

    • Place headphones carefully on CPU (or monitor)

    • Take your belongings and dispose of trash

    • Push in chair

    Students who do not follow the technology guidelines may receive the following consequences:
    1st Offense:  Verbal warning
    2nd Offense:  Office referral and five (5) school days with no computer access.
    3rd Offense:  Office referral and ten (10) school days with no computer access.
    4th Offense:  Handled on a case-by-case basis.
    No computer access not only includes computer lab, but also classrooms, the Safe Harbor program, and any other computer-related activities.  Students who are not allowed to use computers will not be allowed to earn AR (Vikings) points during said time.
    Students who do not have computer access will still be required to take any state-required tests.
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