• Marsh School History


    As nearly as can be determined, construction of the original Marsh School began in 1893.  But the school did not open until the beginning of the 1894-1895 school year.

    The keystone, which you can see over the front door of the school, can now be seen as part of the garden in the front yard of our present version of Marsh School. For many years, the keystone was located in the yard of a neighboring home close to the school. During the centennial celebration in the spring of 1995, the keystone was graciously returned to the school.

    Marsh was the sixth Michigan City school to open following Elston, Eastport, and Park which are now closed; and Garfield and Harrison, which were closed and the buildings razed.

    The original building was replaced with the present building, in its original form, in 1941.  Additions were constructed in 1955 and again in 1958.

    A major renovation of the school took place in 1989. That construction forced some of the students to attend classes in the former Jefferson School building for a time.

    The curriculum for elementary schools in 1894 consisted of reading, spelling, drawing, numbers, physical exercise, oral instruction, sentence making, morals and manners, printing or slate writing, and singing. Geography was taught in the fourth grade. The Bible was a standard book of study. McGuffy Readers were the basic readers back then. Multiplication tables were memorized by singing them to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and state capitals were learned by singing them in rhyme.

    The Marsh School principal from approximately 1929 to at least 1935 was Mr. Saniford. Principals since 1940 have been Mr. Kenneth Barks, Miss Florence Coffin, Mr. James T. Williams, Mr. Thomas R. Dombkowski, Mr. James T. Williams, Mr. Walter Zmuda, Mrs. Kim Palmer, and Mrs. Marsha Tappan.

    Marsh Elementary School continues to flourish more than one hundred years later...there are many generations of Marsh Tigers in Michigan City, Indiana!