• Calculus

    Semester 1

    Understand Limits

    Derivative Rules

    Derivative Applications:  Writing Tangent and Normal lines

                                        Curve Sketching

                                        Partical Motion

                                         Related Rates

                                        Comparing graphs of f, f', f"

                                         Theorems - IVT, MVT, EVT

    Semester 2


    Integral Applications:  area under a curve

                                     Volume of rotated solids

                                      Accumulation problems

                                      Differential Equations

                                      Slope Fields

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  • Algebra 2 Syllabus

    Algebra II Syllabus

    Quarter 1

    • Equations and Inequalities

    • Linear Equations and Functions

    • Linear Systems

    • Radicals

    Quarter 2

    • Quadratic Functions and Factoring

    • Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

    • More Polynomials

    Quarter 3

    • Rational Exponents and Radical Functions

    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    • Rational Functions

    Quarter 4

    • Quadratics and Conics

    • Sequences and Series

    • Counting Methods

    Overall Grades are determined in the following manner:

    60% Tests

    10% Quizzes (the lowest will be dropped, no make-ups for any reason including absence as that will be the one dropped)

    20% Homework

    10% Participation

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  • Pre-Calculus Syllabus

    Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Syllabus

    (MA 153/ MA 154)

    Semester 1 Pre-Calculus

    • Functions and Their Graphs

    • Polynomial and Rational Functions

    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    • Systems of Linear Equations

    Semester 2 Trigonometry

    • Conics

    • Trigonometry, Part A (right triangles, unit circle, radians and degrees, complementary and supplementary, applications

    • Trigonometry, Part B (graphs)

    • Analytic Trigonometry (proofs, identities, equations, double and half angles)

    • Trigonometry, Part C (sine and cosine laws, polar coordinates, non-right triangles, area)

    • Sequences and Series

    • Probability (if time)

    Overall Grades are determined by the following:

    70% Tests & Quizzes

    30% Homework and Participation

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