• Language Arts



    I am one of the differentiated instructors (student support services teacher) here at Krueger, and this year I am co-teaching two 7th-grade Language Arts classes with Mr. Riess.
    In the Language Arts classes, we follow the general education curriculum and use the Springboard books, work on the Indiana state standards, and we make modifications as needed so that all the students in our classes have a better understanding of the materials.  My goal is to make every student in our classes a better reader, with a better understanding of reading concepts and how writing goes hand-in-hand with improving one's reading skills. Embedded within that goal is another goal and that is to teach the students that patience and effort are needed when reading and writing seem like a challenge.  
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  • 7th grade Math

         I am one of the student support services teachers here at Krueger, and I am co-teaching two 7th-grade math classes this year.  One is with Miss Eigenmann and the other is with Mr. Covington.  In our classes, we strive to help students understand grade-level concepts and apply the learned skills.  We make modifications and implement accommodations as necessary to make sure that all students are experiencing success.  We are currently using the Iready Math Instructional Book and the Iready Math Practice book in addition to using some very creative methods to teach some of those harder concepts.  While there may not be many homework assignments, students are expected to be attentive in class and complete the work when assigned, not to mention to ask for help when necessary.





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