• Grading Policy

    Academic Grades: Warm ups are done in class every day together and turned in every two weeks. I will take them up to one week late but no more. Science Journal assignments may be done over and over again until your child obtains 100% up to the last week of the grading period. This is for redos, not for late work. Students have access to lunch and learn during the school day where they can make up any missing work or redo any assignments. Also, please check the class calendar on my website for an updated day to day lesson plan of what we are doing in class each day. Included on this is the warm up question, exit question and word of the day for each day.  Tests can also not be made up and are posted in the classroom and on the class calendar weeks in advance.
    Homework:  Due to the amount of labs, group work, and hands-on activities we do in class, I very rarely give homework. Exceptions may include if an assignment is not completed in class, the student may need to finish it at home; if a student is absent they may need to complete an alternative assignment or complete the assignment at home; students should be studying for tests. 
    Behavior: I expect my students to follow triple crown in class: be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. I have a three strike system we follow in class. If a student is not following expectations, they receive a strike. Three strikes results in a disciplinary action which could include a detention, white slip to the office, phone call home, alternative assignment, and/or office referral. Students exhibiting positive behavior will receive a horseshoe which can be redeemed for coveted items such as a new seat in class, a piece of candy, or school supplies.  Behavior grades are figured objectively. Each time I have to issue a discipline action for a child, (i.e. referral, detention, white slip, etc.) the student's behavior grade will decrease by one letter grade for the marking period. A student who is exessively chatty in class may receive a B without any additional disciplinary measures.  
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  • Standards

    Here is a link to the Indiana State Standards for Science: 
    1st semester we cover Standard 2:  Earth and Space Systems for both 7th and 8th grade

    2nd Semester we cover the Energy Standards

    The seventh grade Life Standards are taught in 8th grade

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