E-Learning May 3, 2021

  • Good morning and happy E-learning Day! 

    All assignments are in Google Classroom for you to complete.  The assignments are assigned by grade level. 

    Have a marvelous Monday, I will see you tomorrow!

    Click here to enter our Google Classroom.



    I can identify the area of the given shape.

    I can add and subtract single digit addition problems. 

    I can add and subtract double-digit numbers requiring regrouping.

    Steps of lesson:

    Follow the steps in Google classroom to complete the decimal assignment for today.




    I can complete comprehension questions about a grade level text.

    I can identify beginning sounds.


    Steps of lesson:

    Follow the steps in Google Classroom to complete this assignment and answering questions about what you have read. 

    Make sure to use evidence from the text and also to use complete sentences.



    I can use text evidence in my writing to support my writing. 

    steps of lesson:

    Writing assignment details are on our google classroom.




    Link for our google classroom is shown above.