• Registration FAQs for Parents

    What is the difference between registration and enrollment?
    Enrollment is "signing up" a new student to attend our schools. Once your child is successfully enrolled with MCAS, you will be asked to "register" your child for school each year. This is an opportunity to review important student information and to sign required forms electronically prior to the child's start of school. Registration takes place each year, usually during July. 

    How do I register my student for school? 
    Log in to your PowerSchool parent account and click on the “Forms” Icon located in the left navigation menu. Please complete all forms for each student in your family. (Important - you must be using your PowerSchool parent account; you cannot register using a student account.) 
    Forms is in left menu

    What if I forgot my PowerSchool password or username?
    Click “Forgot Username or Password” on the sign-in screen.

    What if I changed my email address since the time that I set up the account last year?
    Contact your child’s school after July 13. (It’s very important that we have a current email address and phone number for you at all times!)

    How do I add another child to my existing PowerSchool account? 
    If you already have an existing PowerSchool parent account, you do not need to create a new one. Log in to your existing account and select “Account Preferences” from the left menu. Click the “Student” tab and then “Add” – use the AccessID and Password you were provided for your newly enrolled child to link them to your account.

    I need an AccessID and Password for my child. Where do I get that? 
    For new students: Codes and instructions are emailed to parents once the enrollment request has been processed by the school. If you have a new student and have not yet requested enrollment, you can do that at http://educateMC.net/enrollment.
    For returning students: If you have a student who already attends a MCAS school, click “Forgot Username or Password” on the sign-in screen. If you never set up an account last school year and have misplaced the code you received last year, contact your child’s school after July 13 for assistance, or email PowerSchoolAdmin@mcas.k12.in.us and let us know your name, phone number, email address, and child/children’s names. 

    Can I use the PowerSchool app to register? 
    No. In order to view and complete Registration Forms, you must use a browser to log into your PowerSchool parent account. We highly recommend using a computer with a Chrome browser to complete registration. 

    What if I’m having trouble seeing/submitting some of the forms?
    We highly recommend using a computer with a Chrome browser to complete registration. Forms do not display properly on some browsers, and you cannot register using the PowerSchool app.

    I clicked “submit” too soon and want to change something on a form. How do I do that? 
    It depends on the form. Some forms you can open up and make your change, then submit again. Some of the forms cannot be changed once you have submitted them. If you need to change something on one of those forms, contact your child’s school. (Note: Elementary secretaries return to buildings from summer break on July 13, 2022.) 

    I’m having trouble attaching a document to prove my change of address (or etc.)
    You can bring your documentation to your child’s school on Thursday, July 21 from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

    Will there be an opportunity for in-person help with registration? 
    Yes! All schools will be open to assist anyone needing help on Thursday, July 21 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. You can register all students at one location; there is no need to go to multiple schools on that day.

    What if I need help and I can’t come on July 21st?
    Call your child’s school to make an appointment.

    What is the deadline for student registration? 
    Please complete all forms by Friday, July 22, 2022. This will allow us time to finalize school bus routes, schedules, etc. prior to the start of school.

    Have an additional question? Email PowerSchoolAdmin@mcas.k12.in.us

    Updated 6/30/22