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    Student/Parent Help Resource to Access Schoology 

    1. Log on to the student’s Chromebook/tablet. (If they do not have their Chromebook or tablet at home, you can still follow these steps on any personal device!)

    2. Open Google Chrome.

    3. Go to the MCAS Website (https://www.mcas.k12.in.us/)

    4. Click on the Learning Place

    5. Click on the Schoology Icon (pictured above)

    6. This will take you to the MCAS Schoology Website (https://mcas.schoology.com/)

      It would be BEST to follow the steps above and
      DO NOT Google Schoology.

    7. The student will sign in to Schoology with Gmail (not a personal gmail, their school gmail account they use at school).
      a.  If the student is on their Chromebook/tablet, their Google account will be linked and you will need to select their account to access Schoology.
      b.  If the student is logging in on another personal device that is not a school-issued device, they will need to sign in with Google, type in their school email address (ending in @mcas.k12.in.us) and password. This will give them access to their Schoology courses.

    8. Once the student has successfully logged in to their Schoology course, they can access the course content.

    9. The student will need to select Courses on the top of their screen.

    10. The courses the students are enrolled in will pop up on the screen. *If you do not see the students' courses, select My Courses to see them in a list format.

    11. Once you find the student's course, click that course.

    12. It will open the selected course to the class Materials page. Here you will see information the teacher has posted regarding E-Learning. Some of the material will be completed in Schoology, and some will be links to other sites the classroom teacher uses. (Example: SeeSaw, EdPuzzle, YouTube, etc.)

    Need additional help on accessing Schoology material? CLICK HERE